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Sandhog Lathe Boring Bar Holders Carbide Tool Holder Cutting Tool

Applicable for non-ferrous metals, non-metals turning milling and other various type of cutting .Reduced edge build-up allows for high precision cutting.Diversified applications for cutting of non-ferrous metals and non-metals.
  • S25R-MCLNR12

  • Sandhog


Sandhog Lathe Boring Bar Holders Carbide Tool Holder Cutting Tool

Product Description   S25R-MCLNR12

1: Can be used on cnc lathe machine and engine lathe .

2: Matched with CNC inserts with hole .

3:Spare part made of high quality steel , the hardness of screw is grade 12.9

4:Material 42CrMo and whole forging processing make the turning tool with long service life, better wear-resistantce,

strength and rigidity,high working efficiency.

5:Using 0.02mm feeler gauge to insure the tightly connection between the inserts and the tool .

6:Adopt advanced heat treatment equipment, make sure the uniformity of the hardness(HRC43-47)

7: Processed with high precision CNC machining centre.


About the Boring bar tool holder

Boring bar turning tool belongs to the field of machining tool technology. It solves the problems of large machining limitations and poor chip removal effect of existing inner hole turning tools. This internal hole turning tool includes a tool bar and a tool head located at the front end of the tool bar. The thickness of the tool head is less than the thickness of the tool bar. The upper surface of the tool head has a triangular blade installation groove, and the blade is fixed in the installation groove through a locking component. There is an arc-shaped chip removal surface between the tool bar and the tool head, and the chip removal surface extends along the upper surface of the tool head to the upper surface of the tool bar. The locking component has an extrusion part for squeezing the blade towards the inner installation groove. The utility model has the advantages of wide applicability and good stability.



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