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Face milling cutter

Sandhog milling cutter mainly divided into double-sided spiral blade series face milling cutters and double-sided spiral blade 90 degree square shoulder face milling cutters. The double-sided spiral insert series face milling cutters are suitable for various sizes of flat machining. With wide versatility and high cost-effectiveness. They can clamp two types of inserts into the same positioning slot. The inserts are double-sided square inserts with 8 cutting edges and double-sided octagonal blades with 16 cutting edges. The diameter of the cutter head ranges from 40-315mm, with a total of 10 specifications.Double sided spiral insert 90 degree square shoulder milling cutter, suitable for machining various sizes of flat surfaces, steps, and grooves, with high strength, efficiency, and accuracy. The cutter head diameter ranges from 40-250mm, covering all sizes of flat surfaces. Clamping ANKX series inserts.

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