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Professional Manufacture For The Cutting Tools And Threading Inserts Enterprises
Our company was founded in 2004, and after more than 10 years of development, it has now become an integrated industry and trade enterprise with prosperous production and sales. It is under the jurisdiction of Ningbo Sanhan Precision Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Ningbo Sanhan Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. and a joint-stock high-tech enterprise with 10 direct sales outlets across the country.
The company is currently a private manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of CNC turning tools and thread blades in China. Its production scale, product quality, management system, total sales volume, and brand awareness all rank among the top in the domestic industry; At the same time, the company is also a member unit of China National Machine Tool Corporation, and has maintained close technical exchanges and cooperation with the domestic machine tool industry, striving to provide more and better cutting tools for the Chinese manufacturing industry.
Professional And Technical Workshop For Various Precision Cutting Tools
In terms of company personnel, there are currently 30 CNC tool holder and blade R&D engineers, more than 10 professional after-sales service engineers, more than 70 frontline production employees, and more than 60 sales and related service personnel in direct sales outlets; In terms of production at the Sanhan factory, there are currently 9 advanced CNC production lines, equipped with testing centers equipped with precision inspection instruments, using a computer ERP network management system, and implementing a digital production management mode. The production of cutting tools adopts domestic original standardized processes, and large-scale professional production of CNC turning tools such as outer circles, inner holes, threads, and grooves, as well as a series of drilling, milling, and boring machining center cutting tools.
At the end of 2009, the company established Ningbo Sanhan Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. introducing 10 advanced CNC blade production lines in China, specializing in the production of various "SUPERMETALLOY" brand standard thread blades, slot cutting blades, aluminum alloy blades, and other CNC blades. At present, Sanhan Knife Rod Factory and Sanhan Blade Factory are working closely together to jointly develop high-quality and efficient CNC products suitable for domestic mechanical processing by combining their research and development capabilities. Stay tuned!
Ningbo Sanhan Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, It currently has the first automated production line for CNC turning tools in China, which can produce high-quality CNC turning tools without interruption 24 hours a day.


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