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Grooving tool holder

Grooving is the process of cutting with grooving tool holder, in which the workpiece rotates or the tool rotates, and a groove shaped tool is used to cut corresponding grooves on the workpiece. For example, a series of cutting methods include straight groove cutting, arc groove cutting, deep groove, shallow groove, inner hole groove, and outer multi face groove. In order to meet different cutting needs, our company has produced and developed a series of targeted groove cutting tool bars and inserts. The grooving tool holders are mainly made of high-quality spring steel or 42CrMo material. The processing process adopts post fire processing and overall forging, effectively ensuring the steel of the tool holder. Moreover, the tool holder is also subjected to chemical plating or black coating treatment, which not only enhances the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the tool bar. It also makes the appearance of the tool holder more beautiful.

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