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Carbide thread end mill

As a new type of thread processing technology, thread milling has unique advantages and a wider range of flexible usage and applications compared to tapping.

(1) High processing efficiency. The thread milling cutter not only has high milling speed, but also its multi groove design increases the number of cutting edges, which can easily increase the feed speed, thereby greatly improving machining efficiency. In the processing of long threads, blades with longer cutting edges can be selected to reduce the axial feed distance (equivalent to shortening the thread) to further improve processing efficiency.

(2) High surface quality and dimensional accuracy. The thread milling cutter has a high cutting speed and a small cutting force, making the cutting surface very smooth; Fine chips can be easily punched out of the workpiece by Cutting fluid without scratching the machined surface, which is suitable for workpieces with high requirements for thread accuracy.

(3) Good stability, safe and reliable. Due to the gradual cutting of the thread milling cutter into the material, it generates less cutting force and rarely breaks the cutter. Even in the event of a tool breakage, as the diameter of the milling cutter is much smaller than the threaded hole, the broken part can be easily removed from the part without damaging the part.

(4) Wide application range. The thread milling cutter is flexible in use and can be suitable for various working conditions. For example, you can use the same thread milling cutter to process left-hand threads or right-hand threads; It can process both external and internal threads. The diameter of the thread milling cutter is smaller than that of the hole, and it must be reversed to obtain a complete and accurate thread depth.

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