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Carbide micro boring

Small aperture boring cutter is a very important machining tool that can achieve high-precision and high-efficiency aperture machining, and is widely used in various industrial fields. The cutting principle of small aperture boring tools is rotary cutting. During the cutting process, the tool rotates and feeds towards the workpiece being processed, while generating chips and machining surfaces. The main characteristics of small aperture boring cutters are small cutting force, good stability, and high accuracy. It is suitable for processing high-precision workpieces, such as automotive engines, aviation engines, precision instruments, etc.

The advantages of small aperture boring cutters mainly include the following:

1. High precision processing capability

Small aperture boring cutters can achieve higher precision machining in a smaller space, enabling more detailed and precise machining requirements.

2. Improve production efficiency

Small aperture boring cutters can process multiple holes simultaneously in a single process, which is more efficient than traditional boring cutters and also reduces the number of tool changes.

3. Fewer residual materials

Due to the more precise control of machining depth and diameter by small aperture boring cutters, they can reduce residual materials during the machining process, avoid waste, and reduce cleaning work.

4. Increase the strength of the workpiece

The small aperture boring cutter reduces the amount of material during the processing, resulting in less deformation and damage to the workpiece compared to traditional boring cutters, thereby improving the strength and durability of the workpiece.

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