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Sandhog Small Diameter Machining Cutting Tool Holder for Tungsten Carbide Turning Insert

1: Can be used on cnc lathe machine and engine lathe .
2: Matched with CNC inserts .
3:Spare part made of high quality steel , the hardness of screw is grade 12.9
  • SVVBN1212JX-11FF



Product Features

1. Solve the problem of selecting cutting tools for small parts processing, with high economy, convenient and time-saving replacement

2. The center adjustable structure can effectively calibrate the center deviation and ensure the accuracy of turning processing

3. Professional heat treatment ensures high rigidity


Overview of Automatic machine tool holders: 

Automatic machine tool holders are an efficient metal cutting tool with the characteristics of high efficiency and precision. The working principle of a walking machine tool is to use the outer circle of the tool for precise cutting, thereby achieving high-precision machining of the workpiece. Walking machine tools are widely used in fields such as mechanical processing, automotive manufacturing, mold processing, and steel smelting. Types of cutting tools for walking machines .

Hard alloy cutting tools: Hard alloy cutting tools are high-strength metal cutting tools that can achieve efficient cutting effects under high-speed cutting. The tool head of hard alloy cutting tools is made of high hardness hard alloy material, which has a long cutting life and efficient cutting efficiency.

Ningbo Sanhan Alloy Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, It currently has the first automated production line for CNC turning tools in China, which can produce high-quality CNC turning tools without interruption 24 hours a day.


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