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Sandhog Lathe Boring Bar Holders Internal Turning Cutting Tool Holder

The holder S12M-SDUCR07 made of Material 42CrMo.Can be used for processing metal materials such as cast iron and stainless steel parts.the Sandhog holder put to used quenched with HRC43-47 and then finished by machine to make sure the high dimensional accuracy and the strength.the clamping insert is grinded and shaped by automatic grinding machine at one time toensure the G-level precision and sharp edge of the cutting edge.
  • S12M-SDUCR07

  • Sandhog

Sandhog Lathe Boring Bar Holders Internal Turning Cutting Tool Holder

S Type Boring bar Description :

1: Can be used on cnc lathe machine and engine lathe .

2: Matched with CNC inserts with hole .

3:Spare part made of high quality steel , the hardness of screw is grade 12.9

4:Material 42CrMo and whole forging processing make the turning tool with long service life, better wear-resistantce,

strength and rigidity,high working efficiency.

5:Using 0.02mm feeler gauge to insure the tightly connection between the inserts and the tool .

6:Adopt advanced heat treatment equipment, make sure the uniformity of the hardness(HRC43-47)

7: Processed with high precision CNC machining centre.



About screw type boring bar tool holder

Screw type CNC turning tools are a common type of turning tool with the advantage of replaceable cutting blades, suitable for processing small and medium-sized parts and mass production. The following are the detailed features of screw type CNC turning tools: 1 Replaceable cutting edge: Screw type CNC turning tools can achieve composite cutting function by replacing the cutting edge, thus meeting the machining needs of different shapes of workpieces. There are various types of blades that can be selected based on factors such as the material, shape, hardness, and size of the processing object. 2. Cost saving: Due to the screw type CNC turning tool being able to replace the blade, a single turning tool can be used to process workpieces of different shapes, reducing production costs. Meanwhile, compared to integral cutting tools, the blade cost is lower and it is more convenient to replace it, reducing unnecessary downtime and losses

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